Gigantic Solar is focused on servicing the residential and commercial market.

With escalating living costs, Gigantic Solar will reduce your monthly expenditure and improve your security features, with the added bonus of reducing your consumption from the ESKOM or Municipal grid.

How is this performed ?

Gigantic Solar installs Solar Panels at your premises, the solar panels convert the Suns Solar Radiation into Direct Current(DC).  To supplement this Gigantic Solar also installs a Grid Tie Invertor, that converts the DC obtained from the Solar Panels into Alternating Current(AC).

This AC is connected to the household circuitry on the consumer side of the ESKOM or Municipal meter.  Thus any power consumed from your Solar System, will be deducted from your monthly ESKOM or Municipal expenditure.

Gigantic Solar offers a Gigantic Security solution.  By installing a Solar Panel, Regulator and 12V Battery. Gigantic Solar connects your Security System (Electric Fence, Motion Sensors, Alarm and WiFi/LAN) to the DC plant.  What this means is when Load Shedding or Power Failures occur, when you most vulnerable, your Security System will function for a predetermined period effortlessly.  Your Life is worth more, therefore install a Gigantic Solar Security Solution.

How much will you save ?

Gigantic Solar will customize each solution to the customers requirements and budget.  Various modular solutions can be proposed, to accommodate your current budget.  Then you can add to your system when your financial plans accommodate it.  In this way you Start to Save Now, experience the advantages of Solar, and can plan to be financially prosperous in the future.

Why this is the right trend to follow ?

The below graph displays the Growth in the World Solar Markets. This depicts an Exponential…..Growth Line…… 

Yes thats rights a Gigantic increase in the worlds trend to install Solar Power!

The solar irradiation (Def: the power per unit area received from the Sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range of the measuring instrument e.g. Wh/m² i.e. WattHours per Metre Squared ) for Africa is rated high, and thus has huge advantages if Solar is Considered.

Solar in South Africa is a not to be questioned, as we have fantastic solar irradiation.

This is Why going Gigantic with Solar is one of the Power Initiatives to Reduce Carbon Emissions.


About Gigantic Solar

A Passion to conserve the Earth, to live life with Technology!

But Ensuring the manufacturing and usage of the Technology is Green e.g. Solar or Wind.

This can be enjoyed by all, not just the human species, but also preventing the destruction of wild life, and ultimately the earth.


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