PV On Grid Solution

1.    Solar / Photo-Voltaic Panels

8 * 315 Watt PV Panels are installed on the roof with the appropriate brackets.  DC disconnects are installed with the appropriate lightning protection and earthing.

2. Invertor

Dependent on the design, various sizes of Invertors are available for installation.  The invertor is installed with circuit protection and earthing.

3. Energy Meter

As per the National Energy Regulator(NERSA) requirements, an energy meter is installed to manage the Grid Tie Functions.

4. Home Manager

A home manager is the brains of the system, thus controlling all the installed components to work as one system.   It offers live performance statistics for power system monitoring through different interfaces i.e. internet access or a mobile application.

Other advantages are also obtained through programming the home manager e.g. Switching Loads on… only when excess power is available.

The above installation requires an internet connection with a LAN network switch, to allow all devices to communicate with the Home Manager.  The Home Manager will communicate with the internet portal for statistical purposes.  A WiFi router with LAN functionality can also suffice.

Gigantic Solar recommends the above residential system as a starter kit/module.  This unit can be upgraded later, after the initial installation to obtain a higher monthly savings.

The savings obtained from the residential system is in the region of 12 kwh per day thus 360 kwh per month, weather dependent.

In the graph below this residence, consumes approx 30 kwh a day, of which the Solar Generation reduced the bill by 30%.

Example Total consumption for the month was 973 kwh, and the Solar Generated 323 kwh of this consumption.  Approximate rand value saving is R600 for the month.