PV Security Solution

1.    Solar / Photo-Voltaic Panels

1 * 315 Watt PV Panel is installed on the roof with the appropriate bracket.  DC disconnects are installed with the appropriate lightning protection and earthing on request.

2. Solar Regulator

Dependent on the design, various sizes of Regulators are available for installation.  The Regulator is installed with fuse protection.

3. 12V Battery

Various options are available and will be designed per customer requirement.

Gigantic Solar recommends the above residential security system “As Your Life is Valuable”.

The savings obtained from the security system is in the region of 1,2 kwh per day thus 36 kwh per month, weather dependent.

Approximate rand value saving is R60 for the month on your Electricity bill.

This might sound low But every bit adds to saving operational costs and Most Importantly Your Life!