Residential Savings

What savings do you obtain from this system;

Note: when analysing the below example of savings understand the following factors.

  • Gigantic Solar commissioned this residential system in September 2016.
  • The municipal account was not accurate due to irregular meter readings.  Thus the municipality recorded readings as Estimates in various months, e.g. Septembers actual value.

The graph accurately displays the residential usage that was billed over a 7 year period.  Thus a monthly pattern can be established of the before and after readings of the Gigantic Solar installation.

It is clear from the above statistic, the meter readings normalised in October 2016, as the home owner started entering the readings electronically on the municipal internet site.

Gigantic Savings are experienced !

Note: The savings obtained from October 2016 ToDate, is yielding an average savings of 50% Plus !

  • The Home Owner averaged R2000 (1500 KWh) a month
  • Now the Home Owner  is benefitting from the solar installation without lowering his living standards
  • The Home Owners Electricity account is averaging R1000 (650KWh) a month.

Considering South Africa had a rainy season from mid December 2016 to February, the Gigantic Solar installation still delivered.

It is important to remember, the Gigantic Solar savings experienced now is at the current R/KWh rate. 

This current R/KWh rate increases per the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) recommendation.  This increase is not in the control of the consumer, and if a yearly increase(9%) is applied, the cost per KWh will more than double in a 10 year period.

  • 2017 = VAT Incl is currently @ R1.76 KWh
  • 2026 = VAT Incl will be @ R4.09 KWh

Planning now for the future is recommended, the demand for electricity will increase, thus if ESKOM cannot deliver the price will increase to reduce the demand.

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